Rachel Laybourne visits Passmores!

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Passmores were lucky enough to be visited by Rachel Laybourne! Rachel has represented British Volleyball at Olympic games and held a volleyball session for all students after school.

It was a great day and all students enjoyed the session!

We want to thank Rachel for giving up her time and lets hope that volleyball continues to grow at Passmores.

Volleyball club is on after school every Thursday until 4.15pm.

Passmores attend Essex rugby finals!

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On Wednesday the 18th Match we had 4 rugby sides representing Passmores Academy at the essex finals at Thurrock rugby club. In order to play in this tournament the sides had to win the west essex tournaments (at upper Clapton rugby club) which 4 of our schools sides did:
Year 7/8 girls bye to Essex
Year 7 boys – winning the west Essex tournament overall (unbeaten)
Year 10/11 girls bye to Essex
Year 10/11 boys winning the tournament overall (unbeaten)

This was already a great achievement for us to say that we have 4 age group which were arguably the best in west Essex was great for the students. The Essex tournament saw a big step up in level and proved to be a great learning experienced for all 4 teams.

I have all the table of results and scores of the matches if you would like to include any I am able to forward information and team photos ect onto you.

Our biggest success was our year 7 & 8 girls who did not lose a game winning the Essex schools shield. As an addition to this great success the girls got to meet 5 international players who where at the tournament to promote female rugby and presented the shield to the students.

By Mr Elston

Comic of the fortnight!


This is a good piece of work done within GCSE PE and has used different types of punctuation for example: Full stops, Colons and capital letters. It has excellent spelling and is mostly grammatically correct. This was done using the comic life app. More comics to follow.

By Chloe and Paige

A sport from around the world – kabaddi!


There are well known sports like football and rugby and there are not so well known sports like croquet. One of the most unknown sports in the world is kabaddi! It originated from ancient India however, it is not their national game. It is however, the national game for Bangladesh. India are the most successful Kabaddi international team having won every trophy possible in both the mens and womens category. Since its foundation it has spread throughout southeast Asia, through to the likes of Japan.
Although there are a few diffferent types of Kabaddi, the most popular one is international Kabaddi. Each team, has 7 players with 3 substitutes and consists of two 20 minute halves with a 5 minute break in between. The teams take turns sending a “raider” into the other half. To win a point, the raider must take a breath, run into the opposing half, tag one or more members of the opposite team, then return to his home half before inhaling again. The raider will chant “kabaddi, kabaddi” with his exhaling breath to show the referee he has not inhaled. The raider will be declared “out” and will not gain the point if he inhales before returning to his side, or returns without touching an opponent. The tagged defender(s) will be “out” if they do not succeed in catching the raider who tagged them. Wrestling the raider to the ground can prevent him escaping before he needs to inhale. When a player is out, the opposition get a point. At the end of thew game the team with the most points win.
Kabaddi is beginning to leave its mark on the UK. The army use the sport to keep fit but in 2013, the UK played host to the 2013 Kabaddi Cup. The sport was bought over by Indian and Pakistani immigrants and we even have our own governing body- The England Kabaddi Foundation UK.
This sport continues to have an impact in many different countries and may soon be a well known, worldwide sport!
Written by Charlie Hawkes

Essex schools indoor cricket cup

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Passmores played a 3 match indoor series against Stewards in the pool stages of the Essex cup. The bpys were successful in all three fixtures with strong performances from Reece Galvin with the bat and Paddy Jackson with the ball. The cup run sadly came to an end in a tight match where three runs separated the two teams. This meant Passmores just lost out to Moulsham High School in a nail biting cup tie. The boys should be raring to go for the outdoor cricket season. Watch this space!

Mr Eslton