Work of the week!

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This is a piece of work from a GCSE PE student which is neatly written and is a brilliant piece of work. The work has capital letters in all places necessary and full stops are at the end of each sentence/bullet point. The range of punctuation is excellent for example: they have included the basic full stop, capital letters and question marks. However, this student has also included dashes and brackets to further their use of punctuation. They have highlighted key words and used full sentences. Personally we think this is a brilliant piece of work and deserves the work of the week!

By Paige and Chloe

A good Netball week for Passmores

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On the 11th February 2015, Passmores years 7, 8 and 9 teams played Markhall. The year 8s were very successful and won 25-0. the year 7s and 9s also won to ensure that Passmores did not loss a match. The girls really enjoyed playing and year 8 captain Ellie White said “we played very well and everyone enjoyed playing. it was a good win for us ahead of the game tomorrow.”

On 12th February 2015 Passmores years 7, 8  and 9 girls played against St Marks. The year 7s and 9s won their games and displayed a good team effort. the year 8s had a tight game but St Mark’s took the lead in the third quarter to win  22-14. The girls enjoyed it even though they didn’t win.

By Ellie Wollaston

An interview with our sports captain.


India Friend talks to Evie Breen about being a part of the girls football at Passmores. India is a key player of the team, playing up front in the striker position, and although they are now out of the Essex cup, she is very hopeful that next year they will take the title! India gives an overview of their semi-final defeat.

“We started really well in the first half.  I had a great opportunity to score within 20 minutes to take the lead however, the opposition were strong and they equalised to make the score at half time 1-1.

Whilst playing in the second half, I unfortunately got hit in the face with the ball and had a very bad nose bleed. Whilst everyone was crowding over me the opposition went straight past everyone and scored the last goal. This made the final score 1-2.

We were all gutted as a team that we didn’t get the win but we are now more determined then ever to bounce back next year”.

Girls football is on Tuesdays after school 4.15-5pm.

Reported by Evie Breen

Passmores rugby storm the West Essex tournaments!

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Passmores displayed excellent rugby skills at the West Essex tournaments with our year 7s and 10/11 team going through to the finals! Mr Elston and Mr Archer were very proud and were overjoyed at the boys performances on both days.

Results for each year group are as follows:

Yr 7 Year 7 West Essex schools festival winners!

Passmores 10 vs 0 St Nicks

Passmores 10 vs 0 Brentwood

Passmores 15 vs 5 Beckett Keys

Passmores 20 St marks 0

Played 4 won 4

Yr 8 West Essex schools festival 2nd place

 Passmores 5 vs 5 Brentwood

 Passmores 10 vs 5 St Mark’s

 Passmores 5 vs 10 Debden Park

 Passmores 15 vs 5 Beckett Keys

Played 4 won 2 drew 1 lost 1

Yr 9 West Essex schools festival 3rd Place

Passmores 5 vs 10 St Mark’s

Passmores 15 vs 10 Brentwood County High

Passmores 5 vs Stewards 5

Passmores 5 Beckett Keys 15

Played 4 won 1 drew 1 lost 2

Yr 10/11 West Essex schools festival 1st place winners

Passmores 15 Vs 5 St Marks

Passmores 25 vs 15 St Nicks

Passmores 25 vs 5 St Mark’s

Passmores 15 vs 5 St Nicks

Played 4 won 4

We wish the teams the best of luck in the finals!

Why I love trampolining!


One of our sports reps tells us why she enjoys trampolining!

The reasons why I love trampolining: I have been trampolining  since I was 3 years old  and I have loved it ever since. I don’t know what got me into it but I have a real passion . Within these years I had thought about giving it up but my determination overcame these feelings and I since then I have never given up practicing. If you want to try a new sport I recommend trampolining because everyone  can express themselves and perform at their own level. That’s why I love trampolining!

By Paige Gallagher