Interveiw with Miss Banks

On Wednesday 10th September 2014, Amy and Tatum interviewed Miss Banks, our new P.E teacher at Passmores Academy.

Here is the interview:

How long have you been actively doing P.E?

I have done P.E since Primary School; I have always been involved with after school clubs, even when I went to University.

What sports do you play?

I play lacrosse which I played at university. I used to play netball in school and outer school and within school I played basketball. Also, I competed at trampolining.

Which sport is you favourite and why?

Lacrosse is my favourite sport because it is so diverse and you can play mixed. I play in the women’s team which is contact and the mixed team is no contact.

What level have you reached within your sports?

In netball and lacrosse, I played for the university 1st team and that was in Brighton. Also I captained the women’s team. Trampolining I used to compete at regional and then got into the national team.

How do you feel about sports and P.E in schools?

I think sport in P.E is very important and we as teachers should be there to inspire and get the students to find the sports they enjoy, so when they leave in year 11 they will continue to participate.

Do you think everyone should do P.E and why?

I think everyone should maintain regular physical activity each week. It is important to keep an active lifestyle when you are older and there is always a sport that someone will enjoy.


Year 7 Sports Day – Field Events



Year 7 sports day field events were held on the 10th June 2014. Many activities were involved on the day including: javelin, shot put, long jump, triple jump, discus and high jump.


Beth Simmons, who took part in javelin said “I really enjoyed javelin, it’s a great sport and I can’t believe I came third! You had to throw it as far as you can. I am glad I took part to help my team. Go dragon!”


Emma Read who took part in long jump said “It was really good and fun even though I fell into the sand! But, I still came second for my house. Come on Unicorn!”


Luke Read, who like Beth also took part in javelin, said “Even though I didn’t win I really enjoyed taking part. I am very competitive but still enjoyed it.”


It was a great evening and everyone had fun.


By Ellie Wollaston.

Year 7 & 8 rounders tournament

On Wednesday 7th May, Passmores year 7&8 girls went to Stewards for a rounder’s tournament.

We girls played 3 games and won 1.We did well considering we had only had 1 practice. First, we played Stewards and lost 8-3, in our next game we played burnt mill and lost 7-4, but in our last game we played St. Marks and won 7-3.We were impressed because our fielding was really good. Miss Silva (our coach) was proud of us all because we had only had 1 training the week before. Next time after a few more sessions we will feel more confident and play better.

By Megan McMahon

What’s happening in year 7 PE?

At the moment year seven girls P.E groups are playing rounders.

Beth Simmons from 7s1 said ” I really enjoy P.E, I think it is a great way to have fun and learn different sports. My favourite topic in PE so far has been gymnastics but I have enjoyed all of them.

Jasmine Devine from 7e1 said “P.E is my favourite subject. I really enjoyed it when we were doing football as it’s my favourite hobby. P.E is a great way to keep active as well as being enjoyable. “

Year 7’s have all so been playing softball.

They both said “Both games are similar as you hit the ball with the bat and have to run. The layout is similar too. But the bat and the ball are slightly different. “

Shannon Bowering from 7h1 said “The teachers are very encouraging and make sports enjoyable.”

It’s great to see so many year 7’s enjoying PE!

By Ellie Wollaston

Year 7 Netball Team vs Mark Hall



Passmores vs Mark Hall

Year 7 netball

On Tuesday 11th March 2014, Passmores played Mark Hall in a netball match.

The game was very successful as Passmores won 19-1. Everyone in the team was very pleased.

Natasha, the year 7 GK, said:

“The result was very good, we all now look forward to training hard for our next match.”

By Ellie Wollaston