Year 7 Netball Team vs Mark Hall



Passmores vs Mark Hall

Year 7 netball

On Tuesday 11th March 2014, Passmores played Mark Hall in a netball match.

The game was very successful as Passmores won 19-1. Everyone in the team was very pleased.

Natasha, the year 7 GK, said:

“The result was very good, we all now look forward to training hard for our next match.”

By Ellie Wollaston

Interview with Miss Connolly

Recently, I had an interview with Miss Connolly to find out about her thoughts on PE.

The questions I asked were:

How long have you been actively doing PE?

I have been doing PE for about 30 years.

What sports do you play?

Last year I played hockey, but now I mostly run and cycle.

Do you think we should do more hours of PE or less within schools?

Definitely more PE, possibly PE every day!

Do you think young people playing video games affects the way they play/perceive sport?

They tend to continue playing games until late at night, which affects their sleep which will make them less energetic. But in other ways, I think it helps children develop skills such as becoming more competitive.

What level did you reach in your sport?

I reached:
Under 16 north of England
Under 14 county team
Under 16 county team
Under 21 county team
Senior county team
British polytechnic teams

By Abbie Culverhouse

Futsal tournament review

This was the futsal tournament for the whole of Essex.

Thursday 6th March at the Sport House, Dagenham

As Passmores arrived we were astonished to see that there were 16 other schools competing in this competition. The schools were split into three groups; Passmores was in group C on pitch number 3. The games started and Passmores won their first game 3-0. Unfortunately, one school did not turn up so Passmores had to play a game straight after the first one (two games on the trot). Passmores played well in the second game despite the disadvantage of playing a game just before and we won 3-0. We then had a long anxious wait for our next game because we knew that we had to win the game to make sure that we went through to the semi-finals. The rest time helped us because we had time to recover.

As we started the last game in the group stages, you could have cut the tension with a knife because both teams were nervous, but Passmores scored as they had done all of the way through the group stages and we won 2-0.

We gathered up our items and walked to the middle pitch where they told us the results of who was going through. We got through and the team who came second in our group did as well as the best runner ups.

In the Semi-finals, we played a team who had won their group but unfortunately we didn’t play very well. We got off to a bad start by almost conceding straight away. We managed to hold out but not for long because they scored, making it 1-0. We then scored shortly after making it 1-1 but unfortunately, they scored just before the end making it 2-1 which gave us no time to score again. This meant that we lost the semi-final which meant we had to fight out for the third place spot. Unfortunately, the team that we beat in the group stages won their semi-final match putting them through to the final and they lost in the final making them the runners up. We played well in the third place play off and we won but hearts were already dampened because we knew we could have won the tournament.

England vs Ireland with Mr Goddard


22nd February 2014

What was the atmosphere like at the game?

Everyone was very much up for this game. With England having been on the end of a difficult defeat to France, we all knew they had to win. As always at Twickenham, it is a good day out with plenty of singing!

Do you have a favourite player, if so who?

I love how hard Tom Wood works. He is often not seen as he is buried at the bottom of a ruck or in the middle of the maul.

What rugby club do you support?

I have followed Leicester Tigers since I was a kid as I used to love how Dean Richards played the game. He, obviously, made a major mistake by getting involved with cheating as a coach and this took a great deal of my admiration of him away but I still follow the Tigers

What was your favourite moment of the game?

Mike Brown is playing out of his skin at the moment and his break to feed Danny Care to score under the posts was brilliant!

If you could choose between a World cup rugby final ticket and a World cup football final ticket, what would you choose and why?

If we presume that England are playing in both, unlikely I know, I would choose rugby. There would be one thing that would change that and that would be when the England manager starts to recognise how brilliant Crystal Palace is and start picking our players.

How did you think England played?

I think the power of the forwards, particularly Launchbury and Lawes, was really shown and I think they are at the centre of moving the team forward. Any win against a confident Ireland is a great performance!

Year 7 Netball vs Burnt Mill



On Tuesday 4th March 2014, Passmores played Burnt Mill in a netball game.

The players were Ellie White, Ravinia, Macy, Megan, Nong Bee, Rebecca, Shannon, Kiera and Ellie Wollaston.

The result was 14-1 to Passmores. All the girls were very happy with the result and are now ready for their next game.

By Ellie Wollaston.